The Beggar that will NOT accept “No” for an Answer

December 13, 2008

Imagine that you and your family are walking down the road, and a beggar approaches with the typical beggar story of woe and hardship. It seems that this beggar owns a company that made extra-large laptop computers. Now these were not just any laptop computers, these were HUGE, extremely heavy, had half the battery life, and cost twice the price of all other typewriters on the market. However, for some reason that the beggar could not understand, people stopped buying HIS laptops. He explained that it wasn’t HIS fault that his laptop computers were so expensive – he had made a deal with his workers in which he agreed to pay them twice what workers in all of the other laptop computer factories made, and give them incredible numbers of paid days off each year. He also went on to explain that it wasn’t HIS fault that his laptop computers were not popular – after all, people had always bought his overpriced, poorly made laptops before. He had no idea why people didn’t want to buy them NOW.

So, after his monologue, he asks you for money. You rightfully, but politely refuse. Now, since the beggar doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and rob you, he does the only thing he can think of in his twisted mind: he goes to the police and demands that they rob you for him, and give all the money they get to him. After all – they have guns and the might of the government to back them up. The beggar just wants your money.

Do you, as a citizen who is just trying to provide for your family, see any difference between being robbed by the beggar and being robbed by the police who are acting at the request of the beggar? If someone takes something which is yours, does it matter to you if they donate it to charity, or if they keep it for themselves? It has been taken from you either way against your will. The government/police are just thieves for hire (although, in this case, it is YOU who pay them to rob you).

You may have actually decided to give money to charity, or the beggar, yourself if you can afford it. However, if the government demands your money, that choice has been taken from you, whether you can afford it or not.

Is there actually any difference between the beggar taking your money at gunpoint, as opposed to the government taking your money at gunpoint and giving it to the beggar? The end result is the same. You have had your money taken from you at gunpoint, and the beggar ends up with it. The beggar, of course, will simply say, in a fit of arrogance, that if you had only bought his inferior, overpriced laptops, he wouldn’t have had to demanded that you be robbed. However, since you did NOT buy his laptops, and he did not make any profit from you, he will have that amount extracted from you, by threat of prison or death.

It should be apparent that he not only expects you to buy his goods, he actually believes that it is his right to demand that profit from you.

There have been other industries in the US which have collapsed, but in those cases, it wasn’t due to ignorance, greed, and stupidity. In those cases, it was due to unfair “price wars” waged by foreign manufacturers intending to drive US companies out of business. There was never any talk of handouts to those US companies, even though they made products vital to the national security. Those products were integrated circuits, used in virtually everything from computers, to TVs, automobiles, microwaves, radios, cell-phones, etc. Apparently, it is more important that several thousand auto-workers feel secure about their jobs building cars nobody wants, than our national security. One entire industry upon which almost every product we buy depends dies, while 3 car companies are to be given whatever they want to please them. And what they want more than anything is for the American public to be burdened with even more debt.

From the news reports, it would seem that the government was almost ready to hand them the money, but the UAW bosses didn’t want to reduce their union members’ wages to what Japanese auto workers make. Would they rather have no jobs at all than to make “only” $35 an hour? Or did they know beforehand that if Congress didn’t give them everything they wanted, that our illustrious President would be more than happy to rob the taxpayers to please the auto-makers?

I still can’t find the part of the Constitution that grants Congress the authority to rob taxpayers in order to give a handout to private industry. I certainly can’t find the part where it grants that power to the president!

A true cynic would think that we had not won World War II after all. The Japanese have used our industries’ lethargy against us, and in response, our government has eagerly adopted National Socialism.