More on the Auto-Handout

December 29, 2008

I was watching CNN today, and they had the head of the UAW on. He promises to ask for an even larger handout from the government after Obama gets in office. It seems that the UAW is unhappy because there were ‘conditions’ attached to this more recent handout. Excuse me? You get handed 14 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money, and you’re UNHAPPY that there were certain conditions attached? Maybe it is exactly this sort of arrogance that is at the center of most of their problems.

Imagine that you are walking down the street and encounter one of the ever-present beggars who asks you for $20. You agree under the condition that he uses the money to buy food, and suggest that maybe he needs to stop wasting money on alcohol and cigarettes since he can’t afford them.

He takes your money, but says he is going to ask someone else later, because maybe they will give him more than your measly $20 and won’t attach unreasonable conditions to their handout.

Are you going to feel good that you gave someone a handout out of concern for them? Or, are you going to feel like that ungrateful SOB can just take a hike, and are sorry you even talked to him in the first place?

Now, imagine that you had never agreed to it in the first place, but rather a cop, who happened to be a friend of the beggar ROBS you and gives your money to the beggar. THEN imagine how you feel listening to the beggar’s lack of gratitude.