Math Declared an Inexact Science?

December 14, 2008

I was reading a news article on a media webpage when I ran across a sentence that I, with my midwest upbringing, can’t grasp.

Byron Williams: Tough Decisions Should Not Ignore the Future

“It is difficult for the state to raise revenues because the California system allows 33 percent of the Legislature to constitute a solid majority.”

I know that Californians claim to be “Progressive” (codeword for “Socialist”) and all, but apparently they have progressed to the point where 33% now equals 51%.

Is it any wonder that our educational system is in a shambles when the government claims that 33=51? I seem to remember a part of George Orwell’s book “1984” in which the government (“Big Brother”) tried to convince Winston Smith that 4=5, and Winston Smith was convinced that as long as he knew in his own heart that 4=4 he was still “free.”

In California, apparently the citizens agree with the government that 33=51.

As long as 33 is not equal to 51 in the rest of the country, are we still free?

Or, are we ALL Winston Smith?