Chicago Tea Party?

Have you seen this??

Maybe people ARE paying attention. Maybe people are even thinking, even though the government doesn’t want anyone engaging in independent thought. When the government wants us to have an opinion, it will have the media tell us what it should be.

But ultimately, there has to come a time when people decide that things have gone far enough. When a situation gets far enough out of hand that you just have to finally say “No. Not any more.” People pay lip service to the Constitution, yet worship the government which is willing to use that Constitution as a doormat. Maybe it is finally time to decide which more closely reflects values which guided our country for 200 years, and to reject an ideology which seeks to ignore the blueprint which laid the groundwork. For far too long, people tried to “pick and choose” which rights they thought were important, and tried to look the other way when the government trampled the others.

For some people, it may be 1st Amendment issues with post 9/11 laws. For others, it may be 2nd Amendment issues. For still others, it might be 4th Amendment issues. Several states are apparently becoming concerned and are raising 9th and 10th Amendment issues. And now, there is the acceleration of the Fascist ideology taking over our country that many are suddenly realizing and becoming concerned with. Those who are concerned over any or all of these issues, I applaud you.

There have been serious problems with our government for years. UnConstitutional laws resulting in the infringement of the rights of tens or hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, which has also resulted in a huge prison population, with an ever-increasing financial burden on society, not to mention the ruination of hundreds of thousands of families. The enforcement of these unConstitutional laws is carried out by a police force which resembles a “police force” in name only. Today’s law enforcement agency more closely resembles a military Special Operations unit, complete with assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, black masks, and night vision goggles.

For most of this time, however, there were groups who were only concerned with one or two of these areas at a time. The government (and its propaganda branch: and media) were able to marginalize whichever group was dissatisfied by portraying them as crackpots. A prime example is that anyone who spoke out about the violation of the 2nd Amendment by the government was labeled by that same government as a “right-wing gun nut.”

This situation has been going on for decades, but is now accelerating, and drawing attention to itself. People have realized that the recent push to socialize our country punishes the responsible and diligent among us in favor of the crooks, the greedy, and irresponsible. The end result will be that some will get to remain in their homes briefly, at the expense of taxpayers. Another result will be the inflation, which will act as a secondary “tax” by raising prices on everything. The only people who benefit are the bank executives, who took their multi-million dollar bonuses out of the first bank-handout package.

With increasing joblessness, and our reduced buying power due to inflation, crime is rising. When you are in bed at night, and hear someone crash down the front door, you will have to wonder if it’s just the militarized “police” on yet another warrentless no-knock raid on a wrong address, or if it’s one of the increasingly more popular home invasion robberies. Ultimately, there’s little difference, as both will result in death or bodily injury to you, damage to your home, your property stolen, and your family terrorized. The only real difference is that if it’s civilian criminals who steal your stuff, your home owner’s insurance will reimburse you for the loss. Not so if they turn out to be government criminals.  Officer Friendly is a concept of the past, and Barney Fife no longer keeps his bullet in his pocket – instead, he keeps his M-16 trained on your son or daughter while they cower in the corner screaming for their mommy, who is probably laying handcuffed naked in the yard, being groped at gunpoint by the local gestapo.

It’s no wonder the government wants to disarm us by institution ever more draconian gun control laws. It has NOTHING to guns, and EVERYTHING to do with control. The government wants to enforce their monopoly on force in their newly instituted police state. They wish to make the country safe for criminals, whether those criminals draw a government check, or are the civilian kind.

So, for the past 25 years or so, there has been one group upset about one particular government action or another, and another totally different group concerned about something else. Those groups as often as not didn’t agree with each other about much of anything. A good example would be 1st and 4th Amendment issues were a rallying cry for the ACLU, while 2nd Amendment issues were the concern of the NRA and GOA. The ACLU traditionally “doesn’t like guns,” and the NRA didn’t like the mostly “left-wing” leanings of the ACLU. If the ACLU would have been willing to defend ALL of the Bill of Rights, then they could have gotten along great and accomplished much more. The government WANTS us to remain divided among ourselves. We are much less efficient if we constantly squabble among ourselves, and we are less of a threat to the government.

We have come to a unique period – one in which EVERYONE is becoming concerned at the same time. Even if it’s about different issues, we much recognize AND SUPPORT those who speak out. When there is open talk of a “Chicago Tea Party” on CNBC, and nobody calls them a “right-wing crackpot,” you can tell that something is in the air.


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