Social Unrest? That’s What the Media Wants Us to Believe

Alarmist or prophetic? I don’t know. Read it and see what you think –

Protectionist dominoes are beginning to tumble across theworld

This is about the fifth thing I’ve read in the past week that mentioned “global unrest” and riots. As with everything the media does, if the media constantly repeats the same prediction over and over for long enough, people start to believe it, and it eventually becomes true.

A better question is “should we allow the media to create our realities?” There is no real social unrest in this country as of now, at least not quite as much as there was during the Bush I and Clinton years, and certainly nothing to compare with the 60s and early 70s. I’m not sure why, since we still have the government passing unConstitutional laws, an unjust and unConstitutional war, and a greatly increased militarization of the “police.”

The “poor” are still there, in probably about the same percentages. Will they really care if the stock market drops even more? I doubt that it will affect their portfolio much.

Doctors and lawyers? Well, doctors will undoubtedly be on the government payroll shortly anyway, and lawyers are, well, lawyers. They file lawsuits. They may bury the court system in paperwork and bring it to a screeching halt, but is that really a bad thing?

Government workers who are “downsized?” They are lowly apparatchiks – they are part of the problem. What do they expect?

Now-jobless auto-workers? I must say I have little sympathy for them. When given the choice by Congress whether they wanted to save their companies and take a pay cut to more reasonable salaries, or risk having their companies close and thus be completely out of a job, their union refused to accept a pay cut. They don’t care what happens, as long as it doesn’t diminish their hefty paychecks, and thanks to Bush II’s Executive Order of dubious legality, even by their standards (but obvious unConstitutionality by ours), those appear to be secure, at least until the car companies squander this 15 Billion Dollars.

But, “widespread social unrest” and “massive riots?” I don’t see how instability in the stock market is going to cause Americans to break out in spontaneous riot. What I *DO* see as potentially causing serious problems, is the government’s response to the stock market “crisis.”

For example, the car companies claimed that they were losing something like 20 Billion per month, total (about 7 Billion a month for each car company, is the number I saw). In response, Bush II essentially took 15 Billion dollars of the 700 Billion dollars that the government stole from the taxpayers, and handed it to two of the car companies. If my math holds up, and the car companies really DO lose 7 Billion per month each, that means that the two car companies that got the gift can each last for another month before asking for another handout.

So, the government stole seven hundred billion dollars from the American citizens, with the promise that it was going to be given to the banks so that the banks would start lending money to the citizens again. As stupid, unConstitutional, and bizarre as that concept is[1], that isn’t even what happened. Instead, the banks took that money, used it to pay hundreds of millions in perks, bonuses, and benefits for their executives, and used the rest to purchase other banks. Then, the government took what was left, and handed it to the car companies, who ‘promise’ to make changes sometime in the future. Not only did the government steal from us, but they lied about what the money was going to be used for. And they expect us to not be pissed?

If THE GOVERNMENT starts to believe the media’s constant mention of riots and social unrest, they will do what governments always do: The Wrong Thing. They will increase regulations on speech. They will increase penalties for certain (sometimes un-named) crimes against The State. They will attempt to infringe gun owner’s rights. In other words, the government will, by its own actions, CAUSE that which they supposedly wish to prevent.

[1] I mean really – stealing 700 BILLION DOLLARS from the citizens to give to the banks, so that the banks will start to LOAN money to the citizens?? I would say that amounts to something beyond a bank executive’s wildest dreams. If Monty Python had done it, it would have been hilarious because of its absurdity.


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