Garden Plot, and Other Happy Thoughts

I recently saw a reference to a news article which caught my eye. The reason it did so was because of one particular term it used: “Garden Plot.”

Garden Plot is supposedly the federal government’s operation plans on how to deal with public unrest (riots) and insurrection. In short, they would hand it over to the Department of Defense. Apparently, the DoD’s lawyers have given an opinion that the Constitution and laws allow the use of federalized military if the federal government says that it’s needed.

Here’s a link to the article that caught my eye:

One reason that I am skeptical about this whole thing is that the name “Garden Plot” was supposedly the name given to a plan dealing with this back in the 60s or 70s.. I don’t know whether it would be common for them to keep the same code name on a supposedly top-secret plan for 30-40 years. I would think that they would have named it some non-controversial name by now such as “US Army Plans on How To Protect Children, the Unions, and the Elderly” There’s no special interest group in the country that would disagree with something that had a name like that.

Almost twenty years ago, I saw a PDF of what was claimed to be a scanned copy of the Garden Plot papers. Was it authentic? I can’t say for sure. It may have been something outdated that, while alarming, was obsolete even then, or it may have been a total fabrication. If it was a complete fabrication, someone went to a lot of time and work to make it appear authentic. But then, there are some people who have a lot of time and love nothing more than to claim the sky is falling. I did NOT get it from a source in the government or military.

In my opinion, whether Garden Plot exists, or ever existed, is really not of much concern. The federal government, and all its various branches routinely ignore the Constitution, usurp what limited authority they were given, and violate peoples’ rights. Something like ‘Garden Plot’ would merely legitimize, in their minds at least, what they would undoubtedly do no matter what.

What is more interesting to me is that this media outlet is a rather “liberal” leaning outlet, according to what I read, and they are upset about something that the government is doing. And this something is the very same thing that “right” leaning “conspiracy theorists” have been shouting about for nearly twenty years. When will people ever realize that it’s not a “Democrat” vs. “Republican” issue? It’s NOT a “left” vs “Right” issue? It is a “State” vs. “People’s Rights” issue. The divisiveness is created mostly by the Democrat and Republican parties themselves to keep people as loyal donating members, but also by the government in general, because they know that as long as we bicker between ourselves about stupid differences that the government is more than willing to magnify, the less likely we are to start actually focusing on the cause of 95% of this country’s problems: The State.


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