Let’s Jump on the Ever-Growing Bandwagon!

After watching our government’s ever-increasing desire to hand out billions of our dollars, one begins to wonder where and when, or if, it will ever stop. The banks, insurance agencies, and now car companies, have managed to make such remarkably bad business decisions that the government has decided that they should be rewarded for their ineptitude, greed, and fraud.

The government claims that all of these companies are going to “pay back the taxpayer,” but anyone with a calculator and half of a brain cell can tell that if a company is losing several billion dollars each MONTH, it’s going to take a long, long, l-o-n-g time to pay back a multi-billion dollar ‘loan.’

Therefore, I feel that it is in our best interest as members of the taxpaying class (as opposed to the “tax-paid class” that is comprised of everyone in government, and now, everyone in the banking, insurance, and auto industries) that we need to take steps to insure our future financial well-being.

Here is my proposal:

We all band together and start a combination bank/insurance agency/car company. If we assume that there are roughly 300 million citizens in our country, that would give us 300 million potential employees. Our claim is that without an immediate government handout, just like the others got, we would be forced to go out of business and potentially 300 million people would be directly affected. We would have to call a halt to our plans to potentially give out mortgages, potentially insure people’s homes, and manufacture potential cars. If this were allowed to happen, this would have the potential to destroy what would clearly be the largest potential employer in the United States.

So, let’s all (ALL 300 million of us!) face our so-called “representatives” and show them what should be our new “company” wave that we would reserve for any government employee (since the government is OUR employee, and any employee thereof is likewise OUR employee). Proudly display the right hand held out with palm facing up.

Just don’t forget to have the middle finger in an upright position.


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