ACORN Boosts Civic-Mindedness

I saw on CNN today that, thanks to the tireless efforts of ACORN, over 120% of eligible voters had registered in Michigan. Not only had Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck registered, but so had thousands who were inconveniently dead.

Our local news reported a couple of weeks ago that 105% of eligible voters in our county had registered, again through the patriotic efforts of ACORN. In fact, ACORN has been so “efficient” in registering voters that they are under investigation in a dozen or so states. Awesome.

ACORN gets federal subsidies. Great! The taxpayers are actually paying ACORN to steal the election.

State officials tried to close a couple of illegal “early voting centers” in NW Indiana a few days ago, and the ACORN people decried the action as “racist.” Huh? Since when is following the election laws “racist?” They claim that making minorities go to legal polling places is akin to a Poll Tax meant to keep them away. I don’t think I really understand their claim, but there you go.

I’m not against civil disobedience for a just cause, but somehow, stealing an election by packing the polls just doesn’t seem to fit into the category of “just cause.” It smells an awful lot like Soviet tactics. I guess if ACORN has a socialist agenda, what more appropriate tactics to use than those of the former Soviet Union.

Is this another step toward the Sovietization of America?


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