No One “Election Day?”

Not to sound like an old curmudgeon or anything, but I seem to vaguely remember when there was an Election Day, where everyone went to a local Election Site and voted. If you were going to be out of town, you could get an “absentee ballot” and vote that way.

Now, there is apparently no “Election Day.” You can vote anytime you want, in a process called “Early Voting.” Our Indiana Courts, in all their wisdom recently decided that you didn’t even need to go to an Election Place which was set up in accordance with State Law, but could vote at various random places set up by one of the two major political parties.

So now, Indiana has taken a page from the Chicago political playbook, and has made it quite literally possible for voters (of the correct party) to “vote early and often.” I guess this is one aspect of the “change” they keep saying they will bring to our country.


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