It’s not about guns. It’s not about (some) drugs. It’s not even about taxes.

It’s about control.

Though it’s an oft-repeated slogan, there’s a lot of truth to it.

What is “gun control?” It’s not the control of guns – that comes with training and practice. No, it’s about control. Control of people by the government specifically. Why would any citizen advocate more governmental control over another group of citizens? A lot of reasons. In this case, there is a naive fear of guns bred by ignorance. People are under the impression, and even claim, that “guns CAUSE crime.” They totally ignore the fact that more guns are carried daily by peaceful people who simply want to be able to reach the end of their day alive, and have the desire to protect their families from those who wish them harm. A mugging or holdup takes mere seconds, and you probably aren’t going to be allowed to call a time-out so you can call the police. Even after the police are called (if you are allowed to keep your cell phone), it takes at least 3 or 4 minutes for the police to arrive. If you are able to defend yourself in this time, it may mean the difference between the police taking a report from you, or drawing a chalk outline around you or your family. Rather than make it more difficult (or illegal) for people to defend themselves, maybe we should outlaw muggings and hold-ups. What? You say that it’s been tried and it won’t work?

I firmly believe that a lot of the gun-ban advocates don’t fear criminals as much as they fear themselves. They think that if they so much as touch a gun, they will immediately go on a killing spree, or rob a convenience store, or some other fantasy. They doubt their own self-control and wisdom, and simply assume that everyone is just as amoral, lacks judgment and ability to refrain from shooting themselves or their loved ones. They are not only willing to totally rely on The State to protect them and their families, they expect and demand it. As soon as they realize that it takes 2 to 3 minutes for a police officer to arrive, they will demand that The State have more police officers, and probably would insist on having one right in their house if possible. A true Police State for these people is something to be welcomed.

When it comes to drugs, they want life sentences handed down for anyone using them, except those people who are (over) prescribed anti-psychotics and anti-depressants as a way of life. And, of course, don’t even think about restricting the use of the most popular and deadly of all drugs: alcohol. It’s about control. But, only control over “those people.” Control of people who commit no crime other than the occasional recreational toke. We have let the insurance industry and The State get us to the point that you are immediately fired, or not hired at all, if you have even a residual amount of marijuana in your pee that may be from a joint you smoked over a week ago, but it’s perfectly fine if you have enough alcohol in your system to kill an elephant. If your car is searched, it’s fine if you have an unopened bottle of vodka, but you’d better not have an empty pipe. Is this “justice?” And pity the poor person who smokes a joint in his own house while he is watching TV in his living room, while his rifle is in his closet in the bedroom, because he has just “possessed a firearm during the commission of a drug crime,” and gets an automatic 20-year prison sentence added on to whatever he got for smoking the joint in the first place. Is this justice? No, it’s just “control.”

The entire concept of “if someone isn’t bothering you, you should leave them alone” is totally foreign to those who advocate control. Control of people (“Those People” usually). Since a government has trouble thinking up ways to control those who obey the law, it must be necessary to make them criminals, and who therefore must be controlled.

In these days of legislation run-amok, there is no one person who knows every aspect of every federal law contained in the tens of thousands of pages of the Federal Code. That doesn’t even take into consideration with how they interact (or contradict) local and state laws. We’ve come a long way since the days of “if you harm someone or take something from someone, you go to jail.” Now, a huge percentage of “criminals” are convicted of crimes against The State, where nobody was harmed. Is this “justice?” No, it’s “control.”


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