Rewarding Failure

Well, now that the Trillionaire Welfare Act has passed, we have finally codified the tendancy of our government to reward failure and fraud. When did we lose sight of the free market concept that poorly run businesses whithered, while well-run companies thrived? When did we forget that honesty and morality deserved a place of honor, while deceit and fraud deserved a place in prison?

It is now official: if you make bad business decisions, make bad risks motivated only by greed, and attempt to separate people from their money in the most outlandish way possible, you will be amply rewarded by the government (in other words – US).

While the executives at these terribly mismanaged companies took multi-million dollar vacations, with all expenses paid by their companies, they were simultaneously requesting that the government give them billions of OUR dollars to help them out. While the global market crashes under rumors of recession caused by these highly paid millionaire CEOs and executives, we learn from Congressional testimony that the president’s cousin, who just happens to BE one of these executives (at Lehman), was arguing that the executives should still get their multi-million dollar bonuses.

Apparently it’s not just the government who believes that if you run an entire industry into the ground you deserve a handout. Corporate America, or at least that part of it which doesn’t produce anything except profit, has decided that bad judgment, greed. and deceit should be rewarded. But only if you have REALLY bad judgment, are REALLY greedy, and really really deceitful. If you own a mom-and-pop business and cheat people out of their money, lie, and make bad business decisions, you will lose your business, be sued by suppliers and customers, and maybe face jail time or stiff fines.

However, if you run a really big business and run it into the ground through mismanagement, lie to people, deceive people to get their money (and give them nothing of value in return), you are REWARDED with multi-million dollar bonuses, paid luxery vacations, and a $700 BILLION handout, which money also comes directly from the people you lied to in the first place.

When did this country decide that this was a moral and right thing to do. Is this how we, as a nation believe? Is this the message we want to send to our kids?


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